RepertorioZero, a non-profit organization, was coinceived and founded in Milan in 2008 by Andrea Minetti, Paola Elia and Giovanni Verrando. R0 is formed by a group of international composers and musicians who carry on research on musical language and new instruments, producing concerts, musical projects, shows and educational activities.

Musicians, sound engineers and stage directors make use of new lutherie (electric, computerized, amplified, concrete, prepared instruments) and work closely with composers that develop their own personal research through compositions commissioned by R0.
Strategic, artistic guidelines and contents are designed by R0’s Artistic Committee formed by composers and musicians. The Artistic Committee, renewed every three years, writes and commissions new works to external authors. The Artistic Committee is elected by the Board of Directors.
Over the years R0 has produced concerts and shows that became part of the european musical programming, as beforeZero, Three Rooms, etc.

R0 performs regularly in some of the most relevant european festivals.
mdi ensemble is the ensemble in residence since R0’s foundation, performing R0’s projects and productions.
In 2011 R0 was awarded with the Silver Lion at the Biennale di Venezia, for its “innovative research – in its way of working with today’s music – that seeks to expand on the experience of the traditional avant-garde, addressing a repertory yet to be constructed and with the need to find solutions to the many variables in contemporary music”.